Named the best facial treatment of the decade, the powerful GeneO + platform is 3 facial treatments in one.

The GeneO+ exfoliates using a patented capsugen which gently exfoliates similarly to a scrub.  The combination of the specailly formulated skin gels along with the capsugen release oxygen which lasts fo up to 7 days and  finally, powerful serums are infused deep into the skin with ultra sound technology to correct damage, brighten the skin and tighten.  Immediate and long term results of smaller pore size, lifted jawline and neck,  bright, healthy and glowing skin!

Performed as a maintenance treatment this is perfect for red carpet events or weddings as it will visibly improve the skin after one treatment.  Or use in a series of 6 weekly treatments to rejuvenate the skin with results that last up to 2 years. After which, it is recommended to have 1 treatment per month to preserve and build upon your results.

The results are visible after just one treatment and include reduction in pore size, softening of fine lines and wrinkles, tightening in jaw line and nasal labial folds, and a healthy glow from within!

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