Brides & Grooms


Everyone wants to looks their best on the most photographed day of their life, right? Lucky you – Skincare 5280 is here to help you look your best on your big day!

The most important thing about getting wedding ready is to give yourself plenty of time. Waiting until the week before your big day to get a skin treatment CAN be disastrous (depending on the type of skin you may have). No one needs a traumatic skin event right before walking down the isle. Having a skin care professional for big life events can help guide you through possible pit-falls and into healthy glowing skin your friends will be envious of!

Nicole with Skincare 5280 can create a customized treatment and product plan based on the time you have to get the best skin you possibly can. For instance, if you happen to have acne scars (think divets, texture issues, hyper-pigmentation, etc.), then microneedling would be a good choice. However, it takes a minimum of 4 sessions spread out every 4 weeks to get noticeable results for scarring. Or if you have melasma or hyper-pigmentation, then a series of pigment balancing peels performed every other week will get you bright and clear in 6 to 8 weeks. Basically…start early if you can.

Tips to get your skin ready for the big day:

1) Drink plenty of water and green juices to get a natural glow.

2) Test out a practice treatment well before your wedding if possible to determine the aftermath of any treatment.

3) Whatever you do – don’t have a chemical peel done RIGHT BEFORE your wedding day unless you know how your skin typically reacts.

4) What if you can’t start early?  Try not to stress…you’ve got this! If you’re a female, Choose to have an OxyGeneO+ treatment with a Dermaplane a few days to a week before. This will remove any fine baby hairs (making way for a flawless makeup application), shrink pores size, and get a great glow in time for your nuptials.  If you’re a male, then have a microdermabrasion treatment performed to loosen up any clogged hair follicles and smooth out texture.