Skin Irregularity Txs

Treating skin irregularities has never been easier!  Safely remove unwanted issues with the power of radio frequency.  Skincare 5280 utilizes the safe and consistent power of  ThermoClear RF.  The advantages are minimal scabbing, treatment only on skin imperfection, quick treatment lasting only a few seconds and minimal discomfort.

before-and-after-just-bought-a-thermoclear-machine-how-do-convince-my-clients-in-altrincham-manchester-in-skin-tag-removal-before-and-300x150 Skin Irregularity Txs

The ThermoClear device can effectively treat the following conditions:

results-fibormas Skin Irregularity Txs                                        results-keratosisc Skin Irregularity Txs                                                 results-skin-tags Skin Irregularity Txs                                                      thermo_circles-milliac Skin Irregularity Txs
Fibromas                                                Keratosis                                                          Skin Tags                                                                 Milia
results-sun-spots Skin Irregularity Txs                                         thermo_circles-depositsc Skin Irregularity Txs                                                 results-spiderc Skin Irregularity Txs                                                        thermo_circles-cherryc Skin Irregularity Txs
Sun & Age Spots                                Cholesterol Deposits                                         Spider Capillaries                                                Cherry Angiomas
  • WHAT TO EXPECT - The skin is thoroughly cleansed and sterilized. For client comfort, some treatments (not all) will have a topical numbing agent applied prior to treatment. During the treatment, discomfort is minimal. In most cases, the treatment is quick - lasting only a few seconds per area.
  • IS IT SAFE FOR DARK SKIN -  it is safe for any skin type and color.
  • RESULTS - Treatments for specific skin conditions will have different types of outcomes.  In the treatment of spider capillaries, the effects are usually instant, with a blanching of the blood vessel.  For other conditions a small scab may form and then fall off after a few days leaving pink spot that will eventually fade over time.  Depending on age, condition of skin and what is being treated, it may take longer for some to fully heal.  In all cases, results are immediate.
  • HOW MANY -  In most cases only one treatment is needed.  However, some skin conditions caused by a systemic condition may need periodic treatments.  For instance, a person may have a skin tag removed, but another may crop up in a new location; same for cherry angiomas and broken capillaries.
  • DOWNTIME - There will be visible marks on the treated area.  Most areas will have some small scabbing.  The scab will fall off a few days later then, turn into a light pink mark until eventually the mark fades.  The day after treatment has the most visible signs of trauma.  After that, the marks quickly resolve themselves.
  • AFTER PRECAUTIONS - It is important that the day of treatment, the area remain clean and dry and free from any lotions or makeup.  The goal is to allow the area to dry up and scab for fastest healing.  The day after treatment, a topical ointment such as Neosporin or Caladryl may be used to help healing and the use of makeup can then be continued.  There are other important instructions for each type of skin condition being treated and those will be explained to you during your visit.  For example, after treating spider capillaries, it is important to try not to work out or get heated (hot yoga, etc) for 24 - 48 hours in order to allow the vessels to fully calm and normalize.