Dermaplane Facial

In recent years, Dermaplane Facials have gained worldwide popularity! This fan favorite safely and painlessly eliminates facial fuzz, removes built-up dead skin cells, stimulates collagen and softens fine lines and wrinkles. Dermaplane exfoliation allows for better product penetration both at home and in the treatment room. Many people love how soft the skin feels after having it done and others simply love the painless facial hair removal qualities. Fashion models have used this treatment for years to prepare for photos shoots, leaving them looking smooth and fresh. Brides can also benefit in the same way and guarantee a flawless makeup application for their big day.

dermaplane-300x221 Dermaplane Facial
A Dermaplaning Facial is a procedure where a small surgical blade is gently scraped along the surface of the skin which removes dead skin cells and fine, vellus hairs (or peach fuzz). These hairs are different from that on your head; they do not darken when cut and remain soft. The result is a perfectly smooth face.
Dermaplaning is used for the following reasons: as an exfoliation procedure before chemical peels for an even chemical penetration, as a painless hair removal method (typically performed every 3-6 weeks), and for a flawless makeup application perfect for photo shoots or any event where photos will be taken.