Spa Facial

The Spa Facial is a traditional European Facial utilizing a massage technique for lymphatic drainage.  A Spa Facial is relaxing, restoring and rejuvenating in nature.  This style of facial treatment is usually found in places like a Day or Hotel Spa in a soothing, calm environment using aromatherapy, zen music and low lighting.

The key differences between a Clinical and a Spa Facial is 1) the lymphatic massage and 2) the spa experience.  Many men and women gravitate towards these facial treatments especially if they are in the need of a relaxing experience.  For many people in today’s busy world, a Spa Facial treatment is whats needed to benefit both one’s skin and mind.

A Spa Facial begins with the client removing his or her clothing and dresses in a wrap or robe then gets tucked into a heated massage table and covered with cozy blankets.  Once situated, the spa facial includes a double cleans, exfoliation with a fruit acid mask under steam, light extractions of clogged pores, a luxurious lymphatic facial massage of the  face, neck, shoulders, chest, hands and arms, a hydrating or corrective mask, followed by customized serums, eye and lip cream and sunscreen.

Benefits of a Spa Facial include oxygenation of the skin tissues, movement of lymph which eliminates toxins, removes excess water and puffiness from the face giving a more sculpted appearance, relaxation of the mind and body, creating a sense of peace and calm.

At Skincare 5280, we have incorporated the Spa Facial experience into some of our most popular Clinical Facials such as the Microdermabrasion, Dermaplane and Red Carpet Ready with OxyGeneo+.  By doing so, our clients get the best of all worlds; effective and corrective exfoliation, essential detoxification and oxygenation, and restoration of the mind and body.