Clinical Facials

The Clinical Facial  is ideal for those who would like to get  great results without all of the frills of a traditional Spa experience.  The Clinical Facial is a  facial treatment meant to get you the fastest results possible.
Clinical Facials do not include a luxurious massage component so, there is no need to change into a robe or wrap,  saving time and money in the process.  All Clinical Facials are performed while you relax on the treatment table, dressed in your clothing.  Keep this in mind and be sure to wear clothing with easy access to the face and neck.  A cozy blanket is offered to keep you comfortable.
Clinical Facials can be performed as a stand-alone treatment every 3 to 4 months to maintain beautiful skin year round or in a series to provide dramatic results for those who are looking to rewind the hands of time.   The recommended  number in a series: 4- 6 performed every 2 weeks depending on current skin condition.  A Skincare Facial Series can dramatically improve the condition, look and feel of the skin.
Most Clinical Facials are between 45 and 60 minutes and include a double cleanse, exfoliation, hydration and finishing touches.  Pricing for all Skincare Facials located on the Appointments tab.

Treatment Description
Extractions Only Each treatment includes extractions, but this services is only performed on small areas, such as the nose, ears or back - without a full length service. It is recommended that if you need full face extractions - to book a facial or other targeted treatment. This 30 minute treatment will clear those stubborn blackheads without any frills or fuss and includes time for paperwork.
Express Quick pick-me-up facial. The perfect for teens or those in need exfoliation with a heavy boost of nutrition.  Includes customized fruit enzyme and hydration masque and light extractions.
Deep Pore For  those with a congested complexion; opens pores and allows for a deep clean-out of dirt and grime resulting in thoroughly clean and smooth skin.  Recommended for those with congestion: think waxy plugs - not inflamed acne.
The  Combo Includes your choice of crystal-free Microderm or Dermaplane exfoliation, followed by either a bacteria clearing oxygen solution or deeply hydrating ultrasound, followed by hydration masque, finishing serums and SPF.
Colorado Winter Specifically designed for dry, parched and uncomfortable skin. After a customized exfoliation using either microdermabrasion or dermaplane, paraffin deeply infuses powerful anti-oxidant and hydrating serums. Feel the warmth of a revitalizing paraffin masque while it seals in much needed hydration and nutrients. A must for dry Colorado winters!
Microdermabrasion Using the crystal- free DiamondTome machine, this treatment leaves your skin silky smooth allowing advanced products to properly hydrate and nourish the cells.
Dermaplane Perfect treatment to have performed before any photos as it provide a flawless makeup application; painless hair removal method and excellent for dealing with dull skin.  Allows for advanced products to deeply penetrate the cells.
Red Carpet Ready with OxyGeneO+ Named the best facial treatment of the decade, the powerful GeneO + platform exfoliates like microdermabrasion, infuses targeted serums similar to a hydrafacial, oxygenates the skin for up to 7 days after the treatment and tightens and minimizes pores with ultrasound.  Visible results in one treatment.  The ultimate red carpet ready facial!
Peel Type Description
Sensitive Skin Peel A signature SkinCeuticals Peel specific for those with highly sensitized winter-time skin, people suffering from redness and small itchy bumps, and Rosacea.  Infuses skin with much needed deep hydration returning skin to balance.
Lactic Acid Peel Deeply hydrate, lighten pigmentation and rejuvenate tired, lifeless skin.
Acne Oxygen Treatment A signature Circadia treatment infusing the skin with oxygen.  Ideal for any skin type, but especially those with acne, rosacea and age related skin issues.
Glycolic 20-30% A signature SkinCeuticals Peel designed to replenish hydration and move dull, lifeless skin up and off revealing even tone, smaller pores, and diminish the signs of sun damage.  Includes dermaplane exfoliation to prepare for even product penetration.
Salicylic 20% A signature SkinCeuticals Peel designed to reduce sebum activity, clear up cystic and pustular acne, remove signs of previous blemishes.
Mandelic Combo Using mandeleic acid, derived from almonds, this beta-hydroxy acid blend will lift old skin gently and regulate oil production.  great for oily or acne prone skin.
Pigment Balancing Peel A signature SkinCeuticals Peel designed to improve discoloration caused from sun damage and hormonal imbalances such as Melasma.  Includes dermaplane exfoliation to prepare for even product penetration.
Back Peel Whether prepping for a special event or just want to have great skin for the summer, this peel addresses dark marks caused by break-outs, congestion and active acne. Includes extractions and high frequency.